Sesame barfi Recipe

 Sesame jaggery barfi

Sesame barfi Recipe: Sesame jaggery barfi is specially made in winter. The main purpose of this is that both sesame and jaggery are hot. Eating them in winter is very useful. Sesame jaggery Barfi Recipe will become instant with this recipe.

Sesame barfi Recipe

Sesame barfi Recipe


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essential ingredients


1 bowl white sesame seeds

1 small bowl grated jaggery

Ghee as per need


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Method of sesame jaggery barfi


1. To prepare sesame jaggery barfi, fully clean the sesame seeds. Several times there are complaints of stones in it.

2. Now dry the sesame seeds in a pan on medium heat till it becomes golden. Stir continuously to keep the mole from burning.

3. On the other side, melt half glass of water and jaggery in a pot on medium flame.

4. Now cook the jaggery while stirring it.

5. To see if the jaggery is melted properly, add a little cooked jaggery in a pan of cool water. If a jaggery ball is created in water then perfect jaggery has been cooked to shape laddus.

6. Turn off the heat after this. Now combine roasted sesame seeds to the jaggery and combine it completely.

7. Then spread the mixture on a plate.

8. When the mixture cools down, cut it into a barfi shape with the help of a knife.

Sesame jaggery barfi is ready. Fill them in an airtight box and taste it many times.

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