Health Benefits of Cucumber and side effects

Health Benefits of Cucumber

Health Benefits of Cucumber- Everyone likes cucumber often used as a salad. Our body gets various necessary nutrients and antioxidants from cucumbers. The amount of water in cucumbers is very high, so often many cucumbers are sold on road side in many cities in summer. In the same season, cucumber raita, vegetable, cucumber salad, or similar cucumber are eaten a lot. Because the antioxidants and plant composites present in cucumbers can protect against several illnesses.

Health Benefits of Cucumber
Health Benefits of Cucumber


Health Benefits of Cucumber

Let’s know about the benefits of eating cucumbers …

Weight loss : Increased body weight can cause uncontrolled blood sugar levels. In this case, the consumption of cucumber helps to overcome obesity. They contain fewer calories and more nutrients. Also, eating cucumber does not cause hunger quickly and keeps the stomach full for longer.



Boosts Immunity

Cucumber is also effective in improving the immunity of patients, it contains abundant anti-oxidants that provide strength to the body in fighting free radicals. It also reduces the risk of suffering from a chronic disease.

There will not be the problem of dehydration: Diabetics have the problem of frequent urination, which can cause lack of water in the body. Because of this, they feel thirsty every once in a while. Cucumber is mainly the largest amount of water, so the body will remain hydrated by eating it.

Improved eye light

People who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time may face vision-related problems. In such a situation, eating cucumber will be beneficial for them because it is considered to be the best source of Vitamin-A, which is helpful in increasing eyesight.

Insulin levels will be better:

 Cucumber contains anti-oxidant which help in controlling uric acid. In addition, it does not contain purine. When the level of uric acid in the body is fine, the insulin level in the body also remains better.


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Side Effects of Eating Cucumber

In some conditions, consuming cucumbers can also cause harm. For example, due to the extreme use of pesticides on plants, consuming cucumber with peels can be dangerous at times. So either eat the peel off or else wash the cucumber with hot water. This will make cucumber more secure.

Cucumber is not considered good for people with sinusitis disease. The reason behind this is that cucumber is cold and it hurts people suffering from sinusitis. May increase.
Pregnant ladies may have indigestion problems by eating extra cucumbers. Also, due to the high amount of water present in cucumbers, pregnant ladies may also have frequent urination.
Some people are allergic. which can cause inflammation and itching.
Cucumbers also contain toxic compounds called cucurbitacins and tetracyclic triterpenoids. This sometimes causes a bitter test in cucumbers. If this toxic compound goes inside the body in a huge amount, dangerous harm can occur.
Overdose of potassium in cucumbers can cause gastric pain and kidney difficulties.

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