Homemade soup for weight loss

Soup For Weight Loss: Two soups can be quite effective for rapid weight loss. One is lentil soup and the other is spinach soup. Both houses can be prepared easily. In management to lose weight, it is essential to include such things in a diet that contains low fat and high protein. There are many weight loss soups that can reduce your weight. 

What is the best soup packet for weight loss
Soup For Weight Loss


People do diet plans for fast weight loss, but for weight loss, one should also do light exercise with a weight loss diet. Here we are telling about such a soup that you can include in your weight loss diet, it is not only easy to make that soup but it is also home remedies for easy weight loss. Remedies For Weight Loss) can also be included. There are some soups that can reduce your weight fast. If you consume these soups daily then you will also see their benefits.

What can be better than a big bowl of hot soup, which will help you with weight loss with taste? Soup can not only be useful for your health, but it can also prove to be an easy way to lose weight. Spinach Soup can help you overcome the craving. If you make spinach soup every day and carry it in your weight loss diet, then you can get surprising benefits!


What is the best soup packet for weight loss?
soup for weight loss?


How Spinach Soup Loses Weight | Spinach Soup For Weight Loss

Spinach is found in significant amounts in fiber. Spinach soup is helpful in weight loss as it is full of fiber. Spinach Soup has ‘good carb’ and it is not digested quickly and stays in your system for a while, due to which we do not feel hungry again and we avoid eating extra. Spinach calories contain a variety of ingredients along with iron.


Soup For Weight Loss: Spinach Soup can reduce weight easily and naturally

– Ingredients of Spinach Soup

– 1 cup Spinach

– 2 garlic cloves

– Onion sliced ​​in slices

– 1 cup vegetable stock

– Butter 1 Tablespoon

– full cream

– salt and pepper to taste

This is how to make spinach soup.

First of all, wash the spinach thoroughly.

After that, add butter to a pan and add a few onions and garlic.

Now put spinach in it.

Add chopped vegetables, spinach with cream, salt, and pepper, and mix well.

– After doing so, blend it for a minute.

Now take soup from the blender and add lemon juice to it and garnish with green coriander.

– Your spinach soup is ready.


Health Benefits Of Spinach Soup


– Spinach soup also contains a lot of potassium, due to which can also help in reducing your blood pressure.

– Spinach is rich in fiber, so the juice can promote your ingestion.

– soup can help decrease your blood sugar level.

– Spinach can reduce your glucose level.

– It is considered very beneficial for skin and hair due to having vitamin A in spinach.


Lentil soup for weight loss. Masoor Dal Soup For Weight Loss

Lentil soup is considered beneficial in weight loss. Lentils are loaded in high protein and you remember that a high protein diet is healthful in weight loss. This gives you control over your craving and saves you from consuming extra. Also, this soup is full of nutrients.


Lentil ( Masoor Dal )  Soup Recipe


In a pot, add onions, carrots, celery, garlic, lentils, and tomatoes.

Add celery and spices with salt and pepper.

– Mix everything.

Turn the microwave on the manual.

– Set for 18 minutes.

Serve with coriander leaves

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