Top 8 Health Benefits Of Milk That Will Make You Never Want To Skip The Drink

 Health Benefits Of Milk

Milk has long been considered one of those good-for-you products, we drink it when we are babies, children, and even as adults, we get a healthy dose throughout our hectic schedules thanks to coffees, teas, and the odd. sneaky shake.

We’ve often heard “drink! It’s good for you”we do it, often without asking why. But if you feel like asking now, here are some answers! I am going to discuss the top 8 reasons why milk can be classified as something that is not only delicious but also healthy.

Health Benefits Of Milk
Health Benefits Of Milk


Top 8 Health Benefits Of Milk

1. Calcium

Good for bones and teeth calcium is one of the main reasons why we should be getting our daily dose of milk. The calcium in milk helps to prevent cavities and decay and can help delay or fortify your bones against osteoporosis – just remember that in order for the calcium to be absorbed properly you need to have a little extra vitamin D in your milk!


For the gym enthusiasts amongst you, you will be pleased to find out that drinking milk could help you cure those aching muscles you get from a workout. The protein found in milk can help alleviate soreness and cramps, so be sure to drink a glass post workout.

3. Potassium

Did you know that one glass of milk contains the same amount of potassium as a small banana? It’s true! This means that if you’re not a huge fan of bananas you can have a glass of milk instead and get your daily dose of potassium, which is very good a helping you lower your blood pressure.

4. Phosphorous

Good news everyone, milk contains a healthy dose of phosphorous one our much-needed chemicals which helps to keep hypophosphatemia at by promoting healthy muscle and neurological function!

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a helpful vitamin that not only helps to prevent rickets but also helps your body to absorb other much-needed vitamins too. Though your body can also synthesize it by absorbing sunlight a little extra always helps – it also helps with bone health and is thought to decrease mortality in older women.

6. Vitamin A

Used in the body in order to give you light-sensitive and colour-sensitive cells in our eyes as well as helping out with cell growth. So if you like seeing things in color keep on sipping at your milk!

7. Riboflavin (B2)

It’s good to know that you weren’t being lied to when you were told that milk will help you to grow! Riboflavin is a much-needed vitamin for healthy growth as well as helping to prevent and treat certain diseases like Keracotonus.

8. Niacin

Essential for healthy skin, a deficit of niacin can cause nausea, headaches tiredness, and skin and mouth lesions, so it’s nice to know that your glass of milk or milk on your cereal goes a long way towards helping keep all these nasty side effects at bay.

Health Benefits Of Milk


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