How to Make a Protein Shake with Steps

How to Make a Protein Shake: The traditional practice pertaining to health these days is of using protein shakes. Shakes are the most convenient and effective way of consuming proteins and keeping the body healthy and growing. However, you need to make sure that you don’t consume the shakes as a medicine, rather they should be fun.

How to Make a Protein Shake with Steps
How to Make a Protein Shake


Every health and fitness expert recommends drinking healthy protein shakes for better growth, however, the way protein shakes are to be made pleasurable completely depends upon you. The lines below give the major steps involved in preparing a healthy and tasteful protein shake.

How to Make a Protein Shake

Blender for Protein Shake:

The first thing you need to have in order to make a tasty protein shake is a good blender. A delightful protein shake is hard to make without a good quality blender. You have to have a blender that has the ability to break the ice, frozen fruits and does not let nuts, granola and flaxseeds settle at the bottom of the blender.

Protein Powder for Protein Shake:

The next thing you need to have to prepare a tasty protein shake is a protein powder. You can consult your fitness expert in this regard and select the respective protein shake by analyzing the content ratio. Select the right protein powder and bring it home to be blended.

Fluid for Protein Shake:

Although protein powders come in different flavours, however, they might not be according to your liking if just simply prepared with water. Therefore, you have to improvise in the addition of fluid to make the shakes more delightful.

You can use milk, juice or cold water to prepare the shake. If you wish to add water only, then make sure that is as chilly as possible. 6 to 7 ounce of liquid would suffice for the purpose of preparing a shake.

When using milk, be cautious about the amount of fat that is present in the milk. A good alternative would be fat-free milk or soy milk. On the other hand, if you wish to opt for juices as a fluid choice in your protein shake, then make sure that the juices have the lowest amount of sugar possible so that your shake stays healthy and supportive of growth.



Compared to fruit juices, whole fruits are a low sugar option to make your shake tasty. Moreover, besides being low in sugar and adding taste to the shake, fruits are also rich in phytonutrients and fibre, this will help you keep full for longer. Strawberries and bananas are the popular choices, however; you can improvise to the extent of peaches, blueberries and pears to make it according to your liking.

How to Make a Protein Shake with Steps
How to Make a Protein Shake


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Grains, Nuts and Seeds:

When added to protein shakes, nuts, grains and seeds can prove to be of great health advantage. Some of the benefits you will get by adding them to your protein shakes are as follows:

Besides being tasteful and nutritious, almonds contain good fats that help lower cholesterol

Flaxseeds also contain cholesterol-lowering fats

Oats are great when it comes to bettering the condition of the heart and controlling cholesterol

Conclusion: How to Make a Protein Shake

In short, all the protein shakes may provide you with the same health benefits however, the way they taste completely depend upon your improvisation. Therefore, never be afraid of improvising with protein shakes however, keep in mind the health guidelines.

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