Top 10 Advantages / Benefits of Running / Jogging Outdoors

Benefits of Running: Running or jogging is one the most important exercises, but one associate burning fat as the only reason to run or jog. Here we try and put few more benefits of running outdoors:

Top 10 Advantages Benefits of Running Jogging Outdoors


Top 10 Advantages / Benefits of Running / Jogging Outdoors

1. Running outdoors helps expose the body to sunshine and open air.

2. Increases lung function and boosts body intake of oxygen. An increase in Oxygen promotes effective body fat burning.

3. deep breathing which happens naturally increases stamina. It also raises the body’s metabolic rate (the rate at which food converts into energy).

4. More consumption of Oxygen directly into the bloodstream makes the exercise more powerful and delivers more strength.

5. High Oxygen intake lessens the effect of ageing and one looks younger.


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6. Higher Oxygen intake increases the burning of more calories and increases the capacity to work harder.

7. Enhances sleep and improves the body schedule.

8. Such kind of activities, like morning jogging, helps cure forms of depression and improves moods.

9. Slightly uneven jogging running surface helps make one use of unused muscles and improves body balance.

10. Helps improve ones ability to be focused and alert all the time.

So people outdoor, ensure that you have some good jogging & running to improve overall health.

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